1421 Wines are crafted in China's western province of Xinjiang with grapes grown and harvested in China. Nestled in the foothills of the spectacular Tian Shan Mountains at the same latitude as Bordeaux, the 1421 vineyards enjoy spectacular growing conditions. The vines are of French origin and planted in these selected vineyard sites 11 years ago. Due to the very cold winters, there are few diseases. The unpolluted mountain snowmelts irrigate the vines; then the warm summer sunny days coupled with crisp cool nights allow them to develop at just the right pace. This is very important because this provides the most basic environment to make sure the berries are healthy and the juices are clean. Add our care and grape cultivation knowledge with very low yield from these 1421 vineyards and theresult is succulent grapes just right for winemaking.

In addition to the highly experienced Chinese viticulturalists and wine makers working in the vineyards and the wineries since they were established, there is a team of international wine professionals working as advisors to share the latest knowledge from the major wine growing regions in the world. They share the same goal – to make the best wine in China!

What we are producing are wines based on what the terroir can offer, therefore, reflecting the true characteristics of the wines, refreshing and easy drinking to enhance the multi-layers of flavours in food today.